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Oiler Circuit Final in a Nutshell

Congratulations to you who received an invitation to the Oiler Circuit finals to be held in Sweetwater Oct 23-24. If you were in the top 30 and had Oiler designated as your home circuit, you should have received an invitation. Plans are in the works for a fiesta dinner on Friday evening, Corn Hole tournament & Pinata.

Points in every class will be tallied for Saturday & Sunday. The top 5 rider/horse will receive some great awards. (Click to read accompanying information.) The points from the Circuit finals weekend will be added to the current cumulative points and the Year-end Circuit Champions will be determined by the NCHA office. Money won at any shows that are held after the circuit finals weekend will count for World Standings, but no points will be awarded for Circuit standings.

Should be a great weekend. Hope to see everyone in Sweetwater.

WE ARE PROUD TO ANNOUNCE Palo Duro Cha is located in the Oiler circuit.
We are pleased to announce all of our shows at the Open A arena Amarillo, TX will count for points in the Cactus, Heartland & Red River Circuits.
Thank you to NCHA for allowing us to count our shows for multiple Circuits points.

With the summer months on the horizon, NCHA weekend competition is ramping up. NCHA is glad to report early increases in the number of shows held as well as higher entry numbers at these shows. These increases in growth have created an exciting race towards qualifying for each circuit's inaugural circuit finals as part of the NCHA National Circuit Program. With that in mind, NCHA would like to share some important information on the circuit program and the circuit finals that will be held this fall.

Awards - The National Circuit Program offers more opportunities for weekend cutters to win awards and recognition than ever. There will be two ways to receive recognition in your circuit: placing in the top five of your circuit finals show and/or placing in the top five in your circuit year-end standings.

Circuit Finals Awards - The first way to gain recognition is to qualify for your respective circuit finals by being the top 30 in the circuit standings. While at each of the respective circuit finals, competitors will receive awards by placing in the top five of each class. These are show awards and are not decided based on the exhibitor’s placement in the circuit year-end standings but on their performance at the circuit finals show itself.

Circuit Point Leader Awards - The other way to gain recognition is to earn Circuit Point Leader awards by finishing in the top five of the year-end standings for your circuit. Cutters will be able to earn circuit standings points up to and at the circuit finals. Each circuit’s point year will end at the conclusion of their circuit finals.

Qualifying for the Circuit Finals
The top 30 will be determined the Monday following the date 30 days prior to the first day of your respective circuit finals. This 30-day window provides ample time for circuit finals producers to accept entries, calculate proper cattle numbers and adjust the show schedule to reflect the amount of runs at the show.

This cutoff date is solely for the purpose of determining the top 30 for the Circuit Finals. Cutters will still be able to earn year end points after this deadline, up to and at the Circuit Finals. The qualifying date for the Oiler Circuit Finals is September 27, 2021. For the complete list of qualifying dates, please visit nchacutting.com/circuitfinals.

Youth Members and the National Circuit Program
For the 2021 circuit finals, all youth members will be eligible to enter their designated circuit finals regardless of their place in the year-end standings. Youth exhibitors may compete at their circuit finals for top five awards and, if sponsors are obtained, scholarships. The points earned at each circuit finals will not count towards NYCHA World Finals standings.

Through the National Circuit Program, the youth point year will remain the same; starting June 1 through May 31 each year. Beginning with the 2022 circuit finals, youth must qualify by finishing in the top 30 in their circuit standings at the conclusion of the youth point year. The top 30 in each division will be invited to compete at the circuit finals held in the fall. A rider’s eligibility is determined at the start of the youth point year, June 1.

An example of youth eligibility in terms of the circuit program is as follows: Starting June 1, 2021, a Jr. Youth exhibitor competes at NYCHA cuttings throughout the point year and earns circuit points finishing in the top 30 for their circuit. May 31, 2022, the exhibitor ages out of the Jr. Youth. The next NYCHA point year begins June 1, 2022. The exhibitor is invited to the circuit finals to compete in the Jr. Youth in the fall of 2022 as they were eligible for the class during the qualifying period.


Congratulations to Palo Duro Cha for being the 2019 Affiliate of the year runner up.
Thank you to all the membership who support the club and made it possible.
Congratulations to Arizona CHA for being chosen as affiliate of the year.


Please click here to read an important rule change from NCHA.


PDCHA & PCHA will once again go together to award saddles to the combined high point winner in all classes. You must be a member of both associations. You must attend 60% of shows offered by PDCHA & 60% of shows offered by PCHA. If you would be interested in making a donation to help with the cost of the saddles, Lee Ann & Cheryl will be happy to take your donation at any of the shows. Thank you in advance. We are looking forward to another season of great shows in 2020. Go to PDCHA & PCHA websites for a listing of shows for the 2020 year.


Congratulations to Rachel Floyd and Rey Bans
Reserve Champions 2K Limit Rider
Denver Western Nationals 2019

to our very own Jessie Floyd who was named champion of the 4 Year Old 50K Amateur at the Bonanza.

Jessie was 6th in the finals draw riding Smooth Lil Kit Kat.
Jessie’s parents are Travis & Sara Floyd from Booker, TX. Jessie rides with Ralph Depew. We could not be more proud of her.

Nicole Pietrafeso interview upon being inducted into the NYCHA Hall of fame:

To say I’m honored to be inducted into the NYCHA Hall of Fame is an understatement. This was by far one of my biggest goals as a youth competitor and I couldn’t have achieved it without the help of so many. I first want to thank my parents for all of the long drives, late nights and early mornings we spent traveling to shows. Not only that but for providing me with the incredible horses I’ve had the privilege of showing. My boyfriend Seth who has been by far one of my biggest support systems. My two little sisters who have been another one of my biggest support systems and for always being the ones that cheer the loudest. My Uncle Mike for hauling us when my parents couldn’t and to not only him but my cousin Jason and my Aunt Vicki for everything they’ve done. The rest of my family who have supported me at shows, especially my older brother Steve who traveled all the way down to Fort Worth with us to watch me get inducted. My trainer Nate Miller who has taught me so much, helped me out, and has truly been like another older brother to me. Everyone who ever sat in my corner or turned me around. And finally to the few amazing horses I showed as a youth competitor. Gun Slingers Mate aka “Checker” as my first cutting horse who carried me to multiple finals and always stepped it up each year I advanced. And Purely Badger aka “Diva” who is one of, if not the best horses I’ll ever have the opportunity to swing a leg over. From carrying me to multiple finals, to 4 world finals qualifications, 3 of which finishing in the top 10, to youth championships, to a national championship, and so many others. This organization means the world to me and I am beyond blessed to have been selected for such an honor.


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